We manufacture components for the rail industry in highest quality. For this we have a facility of 10,000 m2 comprising: Warehouse, Saws, Water Cutting, Machining, welding, painting, assembly and logistics.

We specialize in machining parts and assemblies for floors, ceilings, Sides, headboards, lintels, etc… Among our park of 15 mills we also have specialized machining for Aluminum:

Two water cutting machines up to 4000 x 2000.

Milling machine Ortza Egurko with 5 axis and 24,000 rpm for machining of aluminum profiles with speed up to 75 meters per minute and the dimensions of:

  • Curso X: 18.000 mm
  • Curso Y: 1.000 mm
  • Curso Z: 500 mm

Milling machine Rambaudi with 5 axis and 20,000 rpm with dimensions of:

  • Curso X: 4.100 mm
  • Curso Y: 2.700 mm
  • Curso Z: 1.250 mm